Happy Baby

     There is nothing more joyous than to see a happy baby or toddler. I called my daughter the other day and she was giving David a bath. He loves being in the water and was so happy he was singing. It was mostly baby talk but he can sure carry a tune. He was singing loud and strong with everything that was in him. My daughter said he was very happy When I think of him singing I smile and feel happy.

      I can't help but think also of other children who are not so lucky and are abused or neglected. I don't understand how you can ruin an angel, an innocent. Watching him I have found myself in situations with him that have made me yell or get angry and after my initial reaction I immediately go to him and tell him everything is alright and that I'm not mad at him and I'm sorry and I love him.

     We all make mistakes but I think it's important to address that with the child as soon afterward as possible.

     For all our mistakes David is growing, learning, and happy. We can't be doing that bad with this precious child. He is a joy.