Grown Babies

     My son who is now 23 years old has turned out to be quite a man.  I have in the past been told that he has very high moral standards which he got from his father.Despite all my husbands many faults he believes his word is his bond. My son also believes his word is not to be taken lightly. They do not ever make promises they can't or won't keep.

     My son never finished high school, he never finished the freshman year. He tried to go back and he had a girlfriend at the time. He was having a problem with a kid who insisted on teasing him constantly and pushing him around. His girlfriend made him  promise after he had hit the kid that he wouldn't fight anymore. He promised. When the next school year started he enrolled again. The first day of school the entire freshman and sophomore boys had to have gym together. This is a school of more than 1600 students. Anyway during this class and in front of everyone the boy my son hit also had an older brother there. The older and bigger brother hit my son in the face. Remember my sons promise to his girlfriend. He then just walked away and never went back.

     That was years ago. This year my son is making his wish come true. He got his drivers license, bought a car, got his high school equivalency, and is starting college in a couple days. He is so happy and excited and we are so proud of our baby.


"Out Of The Mouths Of Babes"

     Our David is now 22 months old and incredible. I am convinced that toddlers know a lot more language then they let be known. He says a few things and loves to sing into his made up microphones.    

     The other day I'm ashamed to say I got into an argument with my daughter. We were acting like children ourselves and we're both screaming at each other. In the middle of our argument David walked into the room and stood between us. All of a sudden he yelled clear as a bell, " Stop right now"!

     We both just stopped mid sentence and looked at him. What could we do after that but stop fighting and hug him telling him what a good boy he was.

     I don't think we'll be yelling at each other any more.