Disturbing Story on Steve Wilkos Show

     The story is about a three year old boy so horribly neglected by his mom that he doesn't even speak. He screams from a diaper rash so bad he rips his own diaper off. She keeps him in a pitch dark room all day long in a filthy crib surrounded by dirty diapers. The mom treats him like an animal and gives him crackers for food. When she does talk to him its to scream at him for some reason.

     She admits most of this and says she did this because she was lazy but has now changed. A witness says nothing has changed and although he has called police and child protective services no one is helping this poor baby.

     I feel intense empathy for this child and beyond rage for the mom. Mom likes to go out to bars with her friends and leaves this little boy crying for human contact. For mommy to love him.

     I can't stand to think that this is going on and if it's happening in one home I'll bet it's happening in hundreds maybe even thousands of homes world wide.

     I think about our David and wonder how anyone can treat a small child like this. I had a boss years ago and we were talking about a child abuse case that was in the news and I felt enraged. I asked him what we could do and he answered me "just take good care of your own" . When you don't know where this is happening or to whom what else can you do?