A Wonderful Christmas

     We've had a rough couple years so Christmas was greatly anticipated. This was the first year in quite a while that the 5 of us would be together. Moreover it was going to be the first year for us to gather in respect and happiness.

     When we arrived at my son and daughters place, little David hugged each of us around the legs and as he did so he announced who we were, " Gramma, Grampa ! "  He was so excited to see us. It was Christmas Eve and my daughter wanted to wait till the morning to open gifts, but we were just so excited to give the gifts out we all decided to open that evening. We were staying the night but would have to head home on Christmas day due to work schedules and such.

     David loved all his gifts and had a great time playing with each one afterwards. Meanwhile my daughter prepared a feast of roasted turkey, braised beef roast, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, dressing, and corn on the cob and potato salad. She made a lovely and tasty cake decorated to look like an ornament. My son supplied the rich chocolate cake from his restaurant and a pre dinner of one of their specialties. Of course their were gourmet cookies of all kinds, chocolate truffles, and candies of every kind. With some strong but good eggnog for our toast and appetizers given as a gift, we were stuffed.

     Afterward, my daughter, tired as she was, sat under the now empty tree with David, reading to him from one of his gift books. It was the end of a perfect night for all of us.

The Concept of You and Me

     Our David is four now and of course talking more in sentences and we are trying to explain the concept of you and me. Sounds simple, doesn't it? Try it, it's not as easy as it sounds, in fact it's down right confusing. We have him point at himself and say me, but to him, me is us, and you we  point to ourselves, but he thinks he is you to us. We think we almost have it but our little conversations with him sometimes prove otherwise. Any suggestions?


The Joy Of My Life, David

This is David and my daughter Lisa, at a farm near their home. I love this picture, it shows how happy and close they are. He just turned four this Oct. 1st, and I am still so much in love with this child, he brightens my day when he comes to see me and we play and snack while watching cartoons together. He can be a real pistol at times, but he is a very loving giving child. I've had a lot go wrong for me this last few years and if it wasn't for my children and David I don't think I'd have gotten through some of it.

If you want my advice, don't let a day go by without telling them and showing them how much they are wanted and loved. If everyone did that the world would be a much nicer place, don't you think?


The Sponge

     David is soooo cute. He is repeating everything we say and is showing such a great thirst for learning it's amazing. We go over counting and the alphabet everyday and he really enjoys it. The other day it didn't seem like he knew anyone was watching him, but I saw him playing with my refrigerator magnets and counting them to five.

     Now all we have to do is toilet train him. That will be my daughter's job!


Happy Baby

     There is nothing more joyous than to see a happy baby or toddler. I called my daughter the other day and she was giving David a bath. He loves being in the water and was so happy he was singing. It was mostly baby talk but he can sure carry a tune. He was singing loud and strong with everything that was in him. My daughter said he was very happy When I think of him singing I smile and feel happy.

      I can't help but think also of other children who are not so lucky and are abused or neglected. I don't understand how you can ruin an angel, an innocent. Watching him I have found myself in situations with him that have made me yell or get angry and after my initial reaction I immediately go to him and tell him everything is alright and that I'm not mad at him and I'm sorry and I love him.

     We all make mistakes but I think it's important to address that with the child as soon afterward as possible.

     For all our mistakes David is growing, learning, and happy. We can't be doing that bad with this precious child. He is a joy.