We Have Teeth

     We have teeth and everything must be food! This little boy will chew on anything, and since he's getting around so easily, we are constantlly on floor patrol. Even with this constant attention, we've had to take a dime out of his mouth, and a lot of carpet fuzz. We've tried limiting his movements to just being on a blanket, but he is having none of that. He is far too curious!

      We are having a problem with teaching him where he can and can't go. We have an entertainment center and a none closed section for video tapes and DVD's and we can't keep David away. Sometimes when we say no, he'll listen and back off, other times he just ignores our commands. Then I put him in baby jail ( his playpen ) for a minute or two. I don't know if it's effective or not, I just know that while he's in baby jail he can't touch them.