Are All Babies Smart?

     I don't know about you but I laught at parents who think their baby is exceptional. Of course we all want to brag about the baby in our family but sometimes it's just ridiculous. For example, this couple I know started their baby girl on baby food. The mom than came and bragged about how smart her daughter was because the baby made faces according to foods she liked and those she didn't. So her baby was smarter than most because she could make an icky face when fed peas. Another bragged that her daughter danced when music was put on. I'm not sure that qualifies as intelligent either since I'm sure that the baby has seen people in her home dance quite often to the music.

     I also don't know if the fact that a baby does something much earlier than they normally do is a sign of intelligence or not. Having said that I want to tell you that our David just started to crawl forward a couple weeks ago. At about the six month age. He'd been crawling backwards before that but we didn't consider it official till he went forward the right way, Now I don't think that's advanced at all, maybe even a little late. What gets me though is that he started to stand himself up a couple days later and is trying to walk.

     I told my daughter that crawling is important for a baby, but this kid won't stay down. He just turned seven months and is walking slowly by standing himself up and hanging on to things. I just thought there would be more crawling than just a couple days. He's also got a word for food or wanting food, it's egay or engay and he's been saying it since he was about two or three months.

     This morning he was standing up holding the edge of his toy box. I noticed him go down and come back up, so I jokingly said he was doing squats and I started to count for him. I said two and he went down again, I said up and he came up.I verbally told him to make it to twenty and sure enough he did. He wanted to stop at seventeen but I just told him to come on he can do three more, and he did.

     Is he more advanced than those other babies, I don't know, but it's more impressive to me than an icky face.Of course I am Grandma after all.