Squirt Plays Joke on Grandma and Grampa

     I've been staying with my daughter and little David for about a year now and before that she and the baby stayed with us. So finally I decided it was time to leave them. When my husband came to pick me up, my daughter asked us to watch David for a minute and said he's in the bathroom. So we go into the bathroom and neither of us see him. We looked behind the door, nothing. I looked in the tub, nothing, but we could hear him whispering to himself.

     Finally I turned on my way out of the bathroom and opened the cabinet under the sink and there he was sitting comfortably in the empty cabinet and then he looked at our surprised faces and starting laughing at us, or maybe himself.

     Seriously, I am broken hearted that I won't see him everyday, he gives me such joy and laughter.



      Today David is 18 months old and what a personality, however he's got a problem with hitting us. Sometimes it seems like he's just overly excited, he doesn't seem to do it as much when he's mad, cause he sometimes laughs.

     My daughter, his mom, grabs his hand tells him either not to hit or that hitting is not nice and says no while leading him to a minute or so in a time out area on the stairs. He sits quietly in time out but then he gets out and hits again when he feels like it.

     Any ideas out there how to stop this behavior?