If you will remember, I was concerned at first with what my new grandson would call me. I didn't want to feel old. Anyway since he was born, my name around him was Grandma or Nana. He's of course calling my daughter Mama, but he's chosen a different name for me, and I like it. He calls me Ne Ne. That I can live with!


Bedtime Easier

     Bedtime has definitely gotten easier. The first couple nights were rough with his crying, now we're down to just a couple minutes, then he just whimpers a few seconds and goes off to sleep.

     We had a scare yesterday because he was trying to climb over his little arm chair and fell flat on his face. He bloodied his lip a little but a minute later he was fine and the bleeding had stopped. The first time or two something like this happens is very frightening for mom. I assured her with a little boy, this was the first of many to come.