Let Baby Cry?

     Our little David is four months old and he has taken to sudden outbursts of crying. No, not just crying, screaming actually. I may have mentioned this before but the nurse that works for the WIC program had told my daughter that you should not let a baby cry like that till after they're six months old. So her and my son freak out when little David starts these tantrums. They insist we do whatever it takes to get him to stop.

     Now while I'm not in favor of letting him scream at that level for long, I'm more in favor of laying him down if holding him and calmly stroking and talking to him doesn't work, and of course that's after I know he's been fed and needs no diaper change and has burped. It seems to me that he is very tired but is fighting sleep. I say that because when we give in and give him another bottle he stops on a dime. This happens sometimes only two hours after his last bottle. The doctor says we're feeding him too much, so another bottle should not be an option, but like I said anything to stop that crying. For awhile I was getting away with laying him on his side and calmly talking to him and stroking his forehead and cheek, that is no longer working.

     I try to explain that babies do sometimes cry and should be allowed to do so up to a point, however I'm not a nurse so I must be wrong. Anyone have any thoughts on the subject?   Photo by Brandon Baunach


Four Months Old Today!

     Our baby David has come a long way in these four months. He makes eye contact, smiles, giggles, and engages us in baby talk. I notice him saying " egay " when he's complaining about food.

     He's up to over 13 pounds now and is sucking up those bottles like crazy. We have been having a problem with him spitting up and not burping. Sometimes even with a good burp he is still spitting up. We got him some baby GasX which seems to be helping his discomfort from the gassyness, but we think we're going to try to change his formula to one he can more easily digest.

     By the way, more often than not he thinks it's funny when he gets to spit up on Grandma. Also we've been feeling some upper teeth in his gums. Yeah! We've been trying to start him on cereal but he hates it. We put a time bit of sweet  potato in it but he still won't really eat it. He mainly makes faces and cries.